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Call Us Today!
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NVRs (Network Video Recorders)
DVRs (Digital Video Recorders)

Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. features rich digital and network recorders that offer reliable, real-time recording and user-friendly operation for effective video capture, storage and retrieval.  With up to 8 built-in PoE ports designed to support video streams from IP video cameras with a total of 20/40/80Mbps of total bandwidth available with on-board PoE ports supporting up to 120 watts for ease of installation.  NVRs can support up to 16 cameras at HD resolution in real-time (30fps) and many other configurations along with flexible bandwidth allocation per channel which allows users to maximize recording performance.

Software Solutions

Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. recommends an advanced video management software that delivers centralized and remote management capabilities, along with backward compatibility.  The software provides an easy method of searching active online IP devices within a subnet without knowing the device’s IP address. Once the device is found on the network by the software, a user can easily configure network setting parameters.

Access Control

Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality and cost effective control systems that prevent unauthorized access to commercial and industrial facilities to protect assets and employees. We have a cost effective and reliable solution to meet the needs of our customers. 


Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. provides unsurpassed expertise in the design, installation, servicing and monitoring of commercial and industrial security systems. We provide a wide range of services that meet the needs of customers who need a standalone system to clients that require systems that are fully integrated into access control, CCTV and other security functions. Although Spying Eye offers a wide range of vendor products, the company has primarily partnered with Interlogix (UTC), an international company with a broad line of quality fire and intrusion alarm products.

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