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(800) 722-9929
Call Us Today!
(800) 722-9929
For over 36 years, Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. has been designing and installing personalized audio and video surveillance systems in Southern California businesses. Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc., is a full-service integrator dedicated to the security industry presently maintaining over 2,000 complete surveillance systems.  As professionals dedicated to the security industry, Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. differentiates itself from our competition by  offering economic value of security.  What is your return on your investment when you install surveillance equipment?  Spying Eye cares about your bottom line.
Let us introduce you to  “THE 24 HOUR DIGITAL MANAGER” who is always on the job. This manager is a customized management control/loss prevention system specifically designed to ensure that your business and valuables are safe and secure by allowing you to monitor your facilities ANYTIME from ANYWHERE. Without  customer satisfaction, your business will fail. If you could see and hear how your customers are treated and how they feel when you are not around, would that make a difference?
Does your camera system need service? Did the company who installed it go out of business?  Have your hard drives failed?  No problem!  Our trained, professional technicians can help. We've earned hundreds of customer’s trust - let us earn yours, too!
Our mission statement says it all:

Our mission is to provide custom, reliable, proven, and innovative
cutting-edge security solutions, ONE BUSINESS AT A TIME.
Our goal is to preserve customer loyalty in our company by utilizing
reputable products, personalized installations, and superior service.

Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. has been in business since 1985 and at our present location in El Monte since 1990.  We are a mid-sized independent company specializing in selling personalized video/audio surveillance systems to business owners, law enforcement, security and IT personnel.  Our experienced team of certified professionals work hard to design, install and maintain remote network and internet-friendly digital video surveillance systems.  The goal of Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. is to “deliver the right products at the right time at the right price.”

We partner with a wide range of well-known and respected security vendors. Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. has the unique ability to serve as a one stop, full service provider for all its customer’s access control, CCTV, video/audio surveillance, burglar alarms, monitoring, low voltage, IP/megapixel, and wireless technologies, as well as other related security platforms. Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. is a leader in providing cost effective, reliable and “state of the art” solutions.
Von Vine, CPP (Certified Protection Professional) is board-certified in security management, a status acknowledged as the security profession’s highest recognition of practitioners. Von is the CEO of Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc., a company he started 36 years ago with his partner and wife, Kathy.  As a C10 Electrician, licensed and bonded in the State of California, since 1988, Von is the Contractor best suited to design and implement specific solutions for all aspects of video/audio surveillance installations.
Von offers his services as an expert witness, qualified to testify as to the validity of recordings and security equipment performance and specifications. Von also provides consultation services to assist city and state entities when writing RFQs.

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